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Project activities

The project structure is composed of the followed activities:
• Feasibility study of energy investments: the aim of this activity is to assess the feasibility of investments in terms of technical, environmental, financial and administrative impact, starting from the analysis of the buildings state and its energetic audits.
• Business plan of the investment project and its bundling in a bankable package: the main objectives is to draw up a unique bankable business plan of the four investments to create the conditions in order to obtain financial commitment from banks and to develop a financial and technical structure coherent with banks desiderata.
• PPP assessment, EPC scheme and preparation for tendering procedures: this activity will be draft an EPC and the best suitable concession/PPP strategy will be determined using the Public Private Comparator (PPC). After the assessment of the PPP scheme, the design of the procurement phase will start and all the necessary authorizations will be obtained.
• Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation - this activity aims at ensuring the widest possible communication of the results of the proposed Action through the development of a detail divulgation system, local and European dimension.


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