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Energy Technologies

The main concept of the proposal from an organizational point of view, is to bundle the EE and RES interventions in a unique investment portfolio and procured them jointly. The investment portfolio will be composed of smaller interventions (four complexes, each composed of two/three buildings). The proposed approach of school complexes, led to widespread international paradigm of energy districts or settlements in which, through a mix of technological solutions, it is possible to optimize the interaction between local energy generation and consumption, reducing consumption and using as much as possible and economically compatible, renewable sources.
Among the energy saving measures are provided:
• replacement of windows with low-emissivity double-glazed windows;
• thermal coat of the opaque part of the building envelope;
• replacement of obsolete lighting equipment with LED type;
• green roof for the ceiling.
The application of renewable regards:
• geothermal plant;
• photovoltaic solar shading;
• single high-performance tri-generation centralized system.


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